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Cointelegraph commemora che Bitcoin abbia raggiunto $ 50.000 con un NFT esclusivo

Celebrate questo punto storico della storia di BTC regalandovi una delle nostre serie limitate di 50 opere NFT.

Ormai probabilmente non è sfuggito alla tua attenzione che all’inizio di questa settimana la criptovaluta originale (e molti direbbero, ancora la migliore), Bitcoin, ha sfondato il prezzo di $ 50.000 per la prima volta nella sua storia.

Che tu sia un nuovo arrivato alla festa o ricordi con affetto di estrarre Bitcoin ( BTC ) con un impianto GPU un decennio fa, non può fare a meno di sembrare un’occasione piuttosto importante.

È il culmine di tutto il supporto, la convinzione e, naturalmente, il denaro che ognuno di voi ha investito in Bitcoin

Per commemorare questo, abbiamo chiesto ai nostri artisti di talento di mettere insieme un’opera d’arte che celebra te, la comunità Bitcoin, spingendo BTC oltre questo significativo punto di prezzo.

Questo è stato coniato in un’edizione rigorosamente limitata di 50 gettoni non fungibili, disponibili attraverso il nostro profilo Rarible . Il prezzo di ogni NFT sarà di $ 1.000 (o per essere più precisi 0,5 ETH), valutando l’intera collezione a $ 50.000 del tutto appropriati al lancio.

Ovviamente, Bitcoin non termina il suo viaggio qui. In definitiva, il prezzo di BTC è meno importante del suo potere di trasformare il mondo della finanza tradizionale. E sebbene nella sua esistenza più che decennale abbia certamente scosso i mercati finanziari incombenti, la strada per realizzare il suo pieno potenziale è ancora davanti.

Ma nessuno ci rimpiangerebbe di fare una breve pausa a questo punto; dandoci una piccola pacca sulla spalla sapendo che „eravamo lì“ quando Bitcoin ha raggiunto questo punto del suo viaggio

E per 50 di voi, c’è la possibilità di commemorarlo possedendo il nostro NFT. Indossalo come un distintivo d’onore per tutto il lavoro che abbiamo svolto collettivamente finora.

A tutti voi e all’inizio del prossimo capitolo di Bitcoin.

Staking – The new way to earn “Interest”

For many investors, income from interest, be it through overnight deposits, fixed deposits or bonds, comes first. Life insurers and pension funds have also been calculating with fixed-income investments for decades. But this is more or less over now. One possible answer here is the increasingly popular staking of cryptocurrencies, true to the motto: staking instead of government bonds and bank balances.

The central banks‘ zero interest rate policy makes it more and more difficult to find bonds with a fundamentally good credit rating that still yield positive interest rates

The situation is particularly dramatic for government bonds from the euro zone. Even countries with extremely high levels of debt, such as Portugal or Greece, are trading in the negative range for short to medium-term maturities. Credit balances in normal bank accounts are also increasingly being charged with negative interest. Institutional and private investors are looking more and more desperately for assets that deliver regular, predictable returns.

Just as Bitcoin was in the hands of private investors for years, 2020 has brought with it the final breakthrough for Bitcoin Up in institutional investment. Staking could follow the same path in the coming years. After all, decentralized networks and infrastructures are becoming increasingly important. If you want to do without the energy-intensive Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism, as it takes place with Bitcoin, you quickly end up with Proof of Stake (PoS).

With this consensus mechanism, the proportionate transaction processing is not based on the fed-in computing power, but on your own crypto deposit. In very simplified terms, this means that an investor who owns one percent of all cryptocurrencies can also confirm one percent of all transactions taking place. In return for the staking-capable cryptocurrencies stored in the smart contract, investors can look forward to “crypto interest income”.

Also interesting for small investors

Due to its small size, the staking sector is still relatively uninteresting for institutional investors. So far, it has primarily been private investors‘ money that is invested either on their own or through service providers such as crypto exchanges or specialized staking pools. This is likely to change with increasing market size, however, since institutional investors are just as interested in regular income as small investors.

Test report: does the bitcoin broker Bitpanda keep what it promises?

Bitpanda offers over 50 crypto assets, a Bitcoin savings plan, a crypto VISA card and even precious metals. But is Bitpanda really as good as everyone says? We checked out the neo broker from Vienna.

If setting up your own node is too complicated for you, you can contact the appropriate service provider. In addition to the large crypto exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, Coinbase or KuCoin, there are also specialized providers or staking pools that offer this service.

As with all forms of financial investment, your own risk affinity also decides on the choice of the asset. Do you rely on established blockchain protocols with a relatively high proportion of crypto currencies in staking? Or rather unknown, new projects in which only a small part may be in staking?

To provide a little more orientation, we are introducing our top staking cryptocurrencies – some of which can generate double-digit percentage returns per annum – in our March edition of the Kryptokompass .

US MP Soto wants to coordinate official use of blockchain technology

A new authority is to coordinate the use of blockchain technology within the American government agencies.

A new bill, which was submitted on Thursday under the code HR9067, wants to „coordinate“ the use of blockchain technology within the American federal government.

The bill, tabled by Representative Darren Soto, a Democratic Party representative for the state of Florida, provides that “the business administration will establish a department to coordinate all uses of blockchain technology within the federal government, if any this is not about defense ”.

On December 31st, the draft law was presented to the parliamentary committee for energy and economy

Although the exact content of the draft is still unknown, its author could possibly allow conclusions to be drawn about the intended areas of application for blockchain technology.

In recent months, Soto had shown himself to be an advocate for crypto currencies, which he has now also allowed for political donations made to him, and blockchain technology.

The politician, who is co-chair of the blockchain parliamentary council, confirmed in a previous interview with Cointelegraph that he will soon be integrating the technology as an alternative way of sending postal votes. The American post office had previously applied for a corresponding patent. Then Soto said in the interview:

„I could imagine that something like this will be used very soon, possibly in the next elections.“

Last September, Soto announced again that his “almost two-year efforts” in the parliamentary committee for energy and economy have paid off by finally passing the “Digital Taxonomy Act”, which, among other things, also allows the use of blockchain technology by the Government agencies should research. The draft law HR9067 is intended to build on this and ensure faster application of the technology.

The advocacy for cryptocurrencies has recently been a particularly strong focus of Soto, because he is one of the nine members of parliament who criticized the US Treasury for the hasty entry of a new crypto bill . In the crypto industry, this had caused severe headwinds , even a possible lawsuit against the ministry is in the rough .

Bitcoin schafft Double Top nach zweitem gescheiterten Versuch bei $24.000

  • Bitcoin sieht sich einem Widerstand bei $23.950 gegenüber.
  • BTC ist von einer aufsteigenden Unterstützungslinie nach unten gebrochen.
  • Es gibt Unterstützungsniveaus bei $22.400 und $21.800.

Der Bitcoin (BTC)-Preis unternahm am 23. Dezember einen weiteren Ausbruchsversuch zum Allzeithoch, wurde aber zurückgewiesen und ist seitdem rückläufig.

Allerdings sind die technischen Indikatoren nicht ganz so bärisch. Es wird erwartet, dass Crypto Engine seinen Trend an einem der unten untersuchten Unterstützungsniveaus umkehrt.

Bitcoin Trend schwächt sich leicht ab

Gestern erreichte der BTC-Preis bei einem weiteren Versuch, ein neues Allzeithoch zu erreichen, ein Hoch von $24.100. Die höheren Preise konnten jedoch nicht gehalten werden. BTC wurde schnell zurückgewiesen und fiel auf $22.600 zurück.

Die technischen Indikatoren zeigen erste Anzeichen von Schwäche, sind aber noch nicht so weit, einen Abwärtstrend zu bestätigen. Der MACD ist dabei, den ersten unteren Momentum-Balken seit neun Tagen zu erzeugen, aber die Tageskerze muss noch geschlossen werden.

Der RSI hat eine bärische Divergenz erzeugt und hat begonnen zu fallen. Es kann sein, dass er dies mit einer versteckten zinsbullischen Divergenz ungültig macht, abhängig vom Tagesschlusskurs. Der Stochastik-Oszillator ist immer noch zinsbullisch und steigt an.

Kurzfristige Bewegung

Die unteren Zeitrahmen zeigen, dass BTC von einer aufsteigenden Unterstützungslinie nach unten gebrochen ist und diese als Widerstand bestätigt hat. Darüber hinaus sieht es sich auch dem Widerstand aus dem kleineren $23.950-Bereich gegenüber.

Die technischen Indikatoren im 6-Stunden-Zeitfenster sind rückläufig, aber der RSI liegt immer noch über 50. Der 2-Stunden-Zeitrahmen zeigt zwei Unterstützungsniveaus bei $22.400 und $21.800.

Die Indikatoren zeigen, dass die Preisbewegung eher einer Konsolidierung ähnelt als dem Beginn eines neuen Abwärtstrends. Daher ist zu erwarten, dass BTC bei einem dieser beiden Niveaus Unterstützung findet und sich wieder nach oben bewegt.


Die wahrscheinlichste Wellenzählung deutet darauf hin, dass sich BTC in Welle 4 befindet, die voraussichtlich in der Nähe von $21,675 (0,382 Fib-Retracement-Level) enden wird.

Der Grund für die seichte Korrektur ist das Prinzip der Alternation nach dem tiefen Retracement in Welle 2.

Die Sub-Wellenzählung für die mögliche Welle 4 ist im Chart unten in schwarz dargestellt. Ein paralleler Kanal, der die Hochs und Tiefs verbindet, ergibt ein sehr ähnliches Ziel, was die Möglichkeit verstärkt, dass BTC ein Tief in der Nähe von $21.675 erreichen wird.


Es wird erwartet, dass der Bitcoin (BTC)-Preis einen Tiefpunkt in der Nähe von $21.675 erreicht und danach beginnt, sich nach oben zu bewegen.

JPMorgan: Grijsschaal Inflows Maak een Bitcoin Correctie Onwaarschijnlijk op dit moment

De prijs van Bitcoin is de afgelopen maanden gestegen en bereikte onlangs een nieuw record van 24.291,38 dollar.

Sommige bitcoin-liefhebbers beweren dat de opwaartse trend wordt bevorderd door de instroom van langetermijnbeleggers in de crypto-ruimte, waarbij bitcoin wordt gezien als een hedge tegen de inflatie. Anderen zijn er vast van overtuigd dat diverse Bitcoin Era de speculaties over de cryptocurrency hebben verhoogd en de rally van brandstof voorzien.

De strategen van de Amerikaanse multinationale investeringsbank en financiële dienstverlener JPMorgan Chase &Co. geloven dat een Bitcoin-correctie alleen mogelijk is als de instroom van fondsen in de grote cryptofondsen substantieel wordt verminderd.

Volgens een Bloombergrapport van maandag verklaarden deze JPMorgan Chase strategen onder leiding van Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou dat de instroom in het grootste verhandelde cryptofonds ter wereld, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, de kans op een bitcoin-correctie waarschijnlijk erg klein zal maken.

Het rapport merkte op dat het totale vermogen onder beheer (AUM) in de Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is gestegen van $2 miljard naar maar liefst $13,1 miljard sinds begin december 2019, wat overeenkomt met de huidige bullish trend van de digitale valuta.

Volgens de strategen is het Trustfonds getuige van een instroom van ongeveer $1 miljard per maand. Ze voegden er verder aan toe dat deze instroom in het Trust Fund „te groot is om elke positie te laten afwikkelen door momentum traders om een aanhoudende negatieve prijsdynamiek te creëren“.

Ze kozen ervoor dat een aanzienlijke vermindering van de instroom in het Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Fund een Bitcoin-correctie zou stimuleren, vergelijkbaar met wat er in juni 2019 was gebeurd.

Verschillende grote institutionele beleggers en beleggingsmanagers zoals Microstrategy, Square, Paul Tudor Jones en Stan Druckenmiller hebben zich allemaal gewaagd aan de crypto-industrie, met Bitcoin als toegangspoort.
Komt er nog meer instroom voor Bitcoin?

Onlangs nog twitterde Elon Musk, CEO van Tesla, dat hij wilde weten of grote transacties, waarbij Tesla’s balans wordt omgezet in bitcoin, kunnen worden uitgevoerd zonder de markt negatief te beïnvloeden.

Hij kreeg een bevestigend antwoord van Michael Saylor, de CEO van Microstrategy, die zelfs aanbood om zijn draaiboek te delen met Tesla’s miljardair CEO.

Indien overhaler Kina i Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin-handelsvolumen

Kina har altid været foran resten, når det kommer til vedtagelse af blockchain og kryptokurrency. Men når det kommer til peer-to-peer Bitcoin-volumener, får landets nabo Indien meget fart.

Indiens centralbank, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), havde lagt et fuldstændigt forbud mod kryptokurver, der forhindrede banker og finansielle intuitioner i at håndtere noget relateret til kryptokurver. Lige siden forbuddet blev indført, har landets peer-to-peer-marked taget fart, da kryptoentusiaster ledte efter måder at komme rundt på forbuddet.

Forbuddet blev imidlertid ophævet tidligere på året, efter at landets højesteret forkastede RBI’s beslutning. Dette åbnede vejen for nationen til at slutte sig til kryptotendensen, og siden da har nationens krypto-økonomi været i en blomstring.

Fra nu af er Indien og Kina sammen ansvarlige for 33% af bitcoin-peer-to-peer-handelsvolumener ifølge en rapport fra krypto- og blockchain-analysefirmaet Arcane Research. For nylig har Indien overgået Kina.

Flere faktorer bag dette

Lige siden forbuddet blev ophævet, er Bitcoin Bank handelsvolumen steget mere end 87%, hvilket markerer Indien som et af de nye kryptokurrency-hotspots. Der kan være et par grunde bag den monumentale stigning, og en af ​​de grundlæggende årsager til ethvert tredjelandes land er inflation.

Indien oplever en høj inflation på 7,6%, hvor indiske rupees (INR) konstant mister værdi over for dollaren, selvom sidstnævnte svækker sig selv.

Dette kan kombineres med det faktum, at nationen er en enorm pengeoverførselsøkonomi med 83 milliarder dollars i pengeoverførsler sendt i 2019 og tegner sig for 2,9% af BNP, som ligger nær $ 3 billioner. Nogle af disse transaktioner kan behandles ved hjælp af bitcoin for at gøre processen billigere og hurtigere.

Nationen gennemgik også dæmonisering tilbage i 2016, hvilket resulterede i lange køer ved pengeautomater, da valutasedler med høj værdi blev trukket tilbage i store summer. Dette scenario kan også have gjort kryptokurver til et tiltalende alternativ.

I udviklingslande som Indien har mange ikke bankkonti; bitcoin åbner adgang til den globale digitale økonomi og bringer Indien ind i scenen

Derudover er nationen også verdens outsourcingcenter for kodning, og derfor har den allerede et godt fundament, når det kommer til at udnytte teknologiske innovationer som kryptokurver og blockchain.

Alle disse faktorer kunne bidrage til væksten i landets bitcoin-økonomi, og det er ikke overraskende. De fleste tredjelandes lande har set stor efterspørgsel efter kryptokurver, hvor Bitcoin er den mest populære blandt alle.

ecossistema criptográfico da Austrália 2020

O ecossistema criptográfico da Austrália 2020: A faísca de uma explosão DeFi

O ecossistema criptográfico australiano floresceu apesar da pandemia, com um setor DeFi em plena expansão, um roteiro de cinco anos de cadeia de bloqueio e a adoção da tecnologia pelos bancos e pelo setor financeiro.

Para um país de 25 milhões de pessoas, a Austrália tem um peso bem acima de seu peso, tanto economicamente como no mundo da cadeia de bloqueio. Os australianos há muito tempo adotam com entusiasmo Bitcoin Era novas tecnologias, desde telefones celulares até casas inteligentes, e é uma pequena surpresa que eles também tenham adotado o criptograma.

Chainalysis classificou a Austrália em 20º lugar entre 154 países pesquisados este ano para seu índice de Adoção Global de Cripto 2020, citando uma regulamentação favorável que legitima a tecnologia como impulsionadora do „crescimento constante na adoção“.

O educador de criptografia australiano, Alex Saunders do Nuggets News, disse que a comunidade de criptografia australiana abrange todos, desde o hardcore BTC maxis, até os bem conhecidos etéreos, e grandes contingentes de seguidores de BCH e BSV.

„Há apenas uma porcentagem enorme de pessoas per capita em comparação com a maioria dos países que estão interessados em criptogramas e cadeias de bloqueio“, explicou Saunders.

No ano passado, o ecossistema criptográfico floresceu, apesar da pandemia. O Governo Federal divulgou um plano de cinco anos chamado Mapa Nacional da Cadeia de Bloqueio, os bancos e o setor financeiro aqueceram a tecnologia, e os projetos locais foram fundamentais para impulsionar o boom da DeFi em meados do ano.

O setor DeFi da Austrália

Uma jangada de projetos DeFi australianos ganhou destaque global em 2020, incluindo o Synthetix – que iniciou a vida como projeto de „stablecoin Havven“ no maior ICO do país em 2018, antes de se transformar em uma versão descentralizada do BitMEX utilizando ativos sintéticos.

O fundador da Synthetix, Kain Warwick, também é conhecido como o „pai da agricultura moderna“ por popularizar o conceito de agricultura de rendimento que desencadeou o boom DeFi 2020.

„Tivemos alguns projetos realmente grandes vindos da Austrália“, explicou David Rugendyke, fundador do serviço de estaqueamento Eth2 Rocket Pool.

„Acho que a Synthetix é provavelmente a mais notável apenas porque eles estão fazendo um trabalho bastante surpreendente. Todas estas coisas são tecnologia de ponta“.

Com sede em Brisbane, Queensland, a Rocket Pool é um serviço de estaqueamento descentralizado Eth2 que permitirá aos usuários sem o mínimo de 32 ETH, ou o desejo de executar seu próprio validador, a capacidade de estacar. O Ren é uma forma descentralizada de criar moedas Bitcoin e outras moedas que podem ser usadas na DeFi, enquanto o mSTABLE permite que os usuários troquem moedas estáveis em USD com zero deslizamento e ganhem altos rendimentos. A Thorchain (RUNE), por sua vez, é uma próxima versão em cadeia cruzada da Uniswap. Henrik Andersson, o diretor de investimentos do fundo Apollo Capital, com sede em Melbourne, disse:

„Muitos destes projetos estão entre os melhores do mundo“.

Regulamentação favorável

Rudgendyke disse que a maioria dos regulamentos favoráveis são uma das razões pelas quais os projetos locais são capazes de prosperar, pois lhes permite „construir de uma forma que vai satisfazer os requisitos regulamentares, mas também não sufocar o que eles estão tentando fazer“, disse ele.

„Acho que estamos caminhando na direção certa ao promover essa inovação em vez de adotar a abordagem de mão pesada como a SEC (EUA)“.

Para citar alguns exemplos, a plataforma de captação de capital Stax lançou o primeiro IPO na Austrália com permissão para aceitar o criptograma na forma de USDT para seu cliente West Coast Aquaculture Group em outubro. Após a conclusão em novembro, cerca de 89% dos US$ 5 milhões levantados haviam sido contribuídos em Tether.

E no início do ano, um juiz de New South Wales permitiu que um demandante colocasse uma moeda criptográfica como garantia contra os custos que lhes eram concedidos, com o juiz chamando a criptografia de „forma de investimento reconhecida“ – embora altamente volátil.

Não é um toque suave

Mas nem tudo são boas notícias – as bolsas australianas, incluindo Coinspot e Coinjar, foram forçadas pelos reguladores a retirar as moedas de privacidade em agosto, incluindo Monero, Bytecoin e ZCash. Os reguladores também não parecem muito interessados nas ICOs, com muitas leis em vigor que as consideram como Esquemas de Investimento Gerenciado que exigem licenciamento.

Em fevereiro, o CEO do Power Ledger sediado na Austrália Ocidental, Dr. Jemma Green, disse ao Comitê de Seleção de Tecnologia Financeira e Tecnologia Regulatória do Parlamento Federal que o tratamento fiscal das ICOs não era „adequado ao propósito“ e era parte da razão de que dos 26 bilhões de dólares arrecadados através das ICOs até o momento, apenas 0,79% estavam na Austrália.

Megaupload founder Kim Schmitz sees Bitcoin Cash above $ 3,000 in 2021

Its use as a means of payment by online retailers and consumers will push Bitcoin Cash higher, according to Kim Dotcom.

Kim Schmitz alias Kim Dotcom, the notorious German entrepreneur and operator of the former file sharing portal Megaupload, advertises the advantages of Bitcoin Cash and also finds words of praise for Bitcoin

In a corresponding tweet to his more than 700,000 followers , Schmitz predicts that the Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ) price will gain 867% in 2021 and climb to more than 3,000 US dollars. That’s why he wants to run BCH on his own blockchain platform called in the future .

He cites the reason for his optimistic forecast that more and more online retailers are accepting crypto currencies. Their priority would be low costs and speed, in his opinion the best prerequisites for Bitcoin Cash.

Kim Dotcom has repeatedly expressed himself positively about Bitcoin Billionaire in the past and now he is again praising the market leader by attesting it to be a „great store of value“. However, he also adds that he sees Bitcoin Cash as a better means of payment.

Bitcoin’s “little brother” emerged from a spin-off of the market-leading crypto currency, with a focus on its use as a means of payment, which at least superficially confirms Schmitz’s thesis

In an answer to the crypto expert Tone Vays, the former Megaupload operator pointed out that the number of online retailers who now accept BCH is „steadily increasing“. At the same time, adoption would continue to advance through the mainstream.

“The winners in the crypto industry are determined by online retailers and users,” as Schmitz says in this context . To this end he explains:

“What do online retailers and users want? They want low costs, fast transactions, high security, and ease of use. Ultimately, online retailers and users do not care about the formation of groups within the crypto industry. „

The latest remarks by the controversial company come shortly after Roger Ver, who is known as a particularly great advocate of Bitcoin Cash, reported that the Bitcoin offshoot within the „Bitcoin Cash mutual fund“ of the crypto asset management Grayscale „for $ 6,000 per piece „is traded. The company manages almost $ 15.3 billion in crypto assets, of which less than 0.5% is invested in Bitcoin Cash mutual funds.

At press time, Bitcoin Cash is trading at $ 309.98, up 19.5% over the past week.

User gives up buying Bitcoin because of neutral pronoun

„Hello, be Well Vindx!“

This was the sentence that a user read in his e-mail to confirm the registration at the largest Bitcoin brokerage house in Latin America, the Bitcoin Market.

After reading the email, the user gave up using the platform to buy Bitcoin Loophole review and ended up opting for another. The post was made in a Facebook group with 33 thousand members. The text ended up viralizing and already has 193 likes and 149 comments.

„Someone has already given up buying bitcoin for the bitcoin market because of this ‚x‘? seal,“ posted the user in the Facebook group.

The use of neutral pronouns is becoming a trend in large companies, the goal is to promote diversity. Some people don’t fit into the male or female categories perfectly, and „these constant references to binary groupings are alienating,“ say the groups looking for ways to bring neutrality into the Portuguese language in order to increase representativeness.

There are also those who disagree with the use of gender neutrality in Portuguese, for this group, „it’s all just an attempt to ’seal off‘ and push down a progressive agenda.

This last case was most seen in the comments of the group that discussed the brokerage house’s action.

The subject is the subject of debate in several political groups and has recently been widely resonated after a traditional school in Rio de Janeiro adopted the neutral pronoun.

As is common in this type of situation, the comments were divided, with some dissatisfied with the action (left of the image) and others agreeing (right of the image).

It is worth remembering that the cryptomaniac community is usually faithful to the libertarian movements and the belief in freedom of expression.
Comments about Bitcoin Market

The use of „Bem Vindx“ by the brokerage house has already been used for at least 5 months, but it has only now gained repercussion.

Despite the company’s criticism, the final goal of the Bitcoin Market seems much simpler than a simple „seal“. The brokerage shows commitment to respect diversity.

Of course there is the contradictory thinking, after all, ignoring habits that we develop as a society is difficult and it will take some time before we start seeing a real change.

The Bitcoin Market was looked for to comment the case, this text will be updated.

Ethereum-Gasverbrauch wächst um 113% YTD

Market Wrap: Bitcoin springt auf $14,2K; Ethereum-Gasverbrauch wächst um 113% YTD

Bitcoin gewinnt während der Ungewissheit der US-Präsidentschaftswahlen, während die Gasdaten von Ethereum auf einen DeFi-Rückgang hinweisen.

Bitcoin (BTC) handelte per 21:00 UTC (16:00 Uhr ET) um 14.061 $. Gegenüber den vorangegangenen 24 Stunden hat sie um 2,2% zugenommen.

Die 24-Stunden-Reichweite von Bitcoin: $13.545-$14.232

BTC über seinen gleitenden 10- und 50-Tage-Durchschnitten, ein zinsbullisches Signal für Markttechniker.

Der Preis Bitcoin machte am Mittwoch bei Bitcoin Code Gewinne und erreichte um 17:00 UTC (12:00 UTC) laut CoinDesk 20-Daten nach einem kurzen Einbruch im früheren Handel bis zu $14.232.

Lesen Sie mehr dazu: Bitcoin fällt als Trumpf und droht, die Stimmenauszählung zu stoppen
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„Bitcoin hat sich von seinem Rückgang nach der Wahl erholt und erneut die 14.000-Dollar-Marke überschritten“, sagte John Kramer, ein Händler der Krypto-Market-Making-Firma GSR. „Der Vermögenswert hat das ganze Jahr über gute Arbeit geleistet, indem er seinen eigenen Weg gegangen ist und die Aktien bei weitem übertroffen hat“.

Bitcoin ist um 90% gestiegen, verglichen mit der vergleichsweise dürftigen Performance des S&P 500 von 4,5% im Jahr 2020.

Die Aktien sind am Mittwoch gestiegen, obwohl es bei den US-Präsidentschaftswahlen noch keinen bestätigten Sieger gibt. „Die Aktien sind von der Ungewissheit unbeeindruckt und erholen sich angesichts von zwei möglichen Ergebnissen“, fügte Kramer von GSR hinzu.

  • Der Nikkei 225 beendete den Tag im grünen Bereich von 1,7%, da positive Wirtschaftsdaten aus Asien eine wirtschaftliche Expansion signalisieren.
  • Der europäische FTSE 100 schloss mit einem Plus von 1,6%, da die lauen Daten aus der verarbeitenden Industrie vom Oktober die Besorgnis der Investoren über Trumps verfrühte Erklärung des Wahlsieges zum Ausdruck brachten.
  • In den Vereinigten Staaten kletterte der S&P 500 um 2,2%, da Technologieaktien trotz der Besorgnis über die Präsidentschaftswahlen zulegen konnten.

Jason Lau, Chief Operating Officer des in San Francisco ansässigen Krypto-Währungsumtauschunternehmens OKCoin, sagte, er sei nicht davon überzeugt, dass der Sprung von Bitcoin am Mittwoch etwas mit dem Wahlergebnis zu tun habe. „Während alle Augen auf die Wahl gerichtet sind, ist es noch zu früh, die Gewinne von bitcoin im Hinblick auf die makropolitischen Auswirkungen der beiden Kandidaten auf die Wahl zurückzuführen“, sagte Lau gegenüber CoinDesk.

Die Analysten von Cryptocurrency behalten auch den US-Dollar-Index im Auge, ein Maß für die Stärke des Greenbacks gegenüber einem Korb anderer Währungen, der zum Zeitpunkt der Drucklegung um 0,15% gestiegen ist.

„Der Abwärtstrend des Dollars dürfte wieder einsetzen“, sagte Bill Noble, Chief Technical Analyst bei Token Metrics.

Bitcounter bleiben, wie so oft, dennoch bullish

„Zu viele Menschen glauben, dass die Wahl den Krypto-Aufwärtstrend stoppen kann“, sagte Token Metrics‘ Noble. „Ein starker Wunsch nach wirtschaftlicher Freiheit und das Aufkommen von Inflation treibt den Aufwärtstrend des Kryptos an. Diese Trends sind in Bewegung, und sie werden in Bewegung bleiben, unabhängig davon, wer das Weiße Haus besetzt.

„Meiner Meinung nach wird die BTC steigen, unabhängig davon, wer diese Wahl kurz- bis mittelfristig gewinnt“, bemerkte Alessandro Andreotti, ein außerbörslicher Krypto-Händler.

Ein Signal für eine optimistische Stimmung: Über Nacht wurden über 6.700 Bitcoin-Futures-Kontrakte der CME gehandelt (33.500 äquivalente BTC), 75% mehr als im bisherigen Jahresverlauf und mehr als doppelt so viel Volumen wie seit der Einführung, so ein Vertreter der CME.