The Krypt guide to finding the most effective equipment and items available to use in Mortal Kombat 11

When you’ve finished the story mode of Mortal Kombat 11and its Aftermath DLC as well as completing the quests in the Klassic Towers or Towers of Time, you’re likely to spend a large amount of time in the Krypt. This 3rd-person exploration area contains an abundance of the game’s customizing equipment and items that are available in the Krypt it’s unlikely to see them in other modes. The Krypt can be a bit overwhelming the first time you enter the game, because it’s a maze of secrets, various types of chests, and puzzles however, by following the help of our Mortal Kombat 11Krypt guide, you’ll be able understand the entire experience and find the equipment you’ve always wanted.

How does the Krypt operates

The Mortal Kombat 11Krypt is basically a huge underground dungeon that is filled with treasure and you’ve been enlisted to gather the most amount you can. The walls are lined with treasures, and in almost every area you visit are chests that you can open by using the Koins the currency you’ve earned through the other modes of the game.

Cost of opening up a chest within the Krypt is directly linked to the worth of the items within. A chest costing around 2,000 Koins can contain items such as music or development art and so on, while chests priced at or more than 8,000 Koins could contain gear specific to a character such as augmentation equipment, or skins. You can earn additional Koins within the Krypt by smashing specific items — see more about this below — as well as by opening new routes however the most effective method to earn the most Koins is to return to the Towers and fight foes.

There are two more currencies that are part of the Krypt -the Hearts as well as Soul Fragments. Hearts can be used to unlock rare chests which can be identified by the frightful mask that is placed above them. The mask must be destroyed before you can spend up to 250 Hearts to gain access to the contents. These are some of the greatest rewards available in the game, and include numerous customization pieces for a character. To earn Hearts you can use Fatalities during games as well as eliminate the corpses that are hanging in the Krypt by with Scorpion’s Spear.

Soul Fragments are the key in unlocking green Soul Chests that you’ll start seeing shortly after entering the Krypt. These will be earned through regular play as well as occasionally when you complete specific tasks within the Krypt however, you’ll not be able to utilize these to access Soul Chests until you’ve acquired Ermac’s Soul Amulet. Do not worry over them till you’ve made it to the Krypt.

The most important items to look for

The majority of your progress within your journey through the Krypt depends on important items scattered across the vast map. They’re all different in how they’re used, however they all have a connection to helping you progress into new areas and unlocking more powerful equipment. Below, we’ve outlined the most crucial things you’ll find and the benefits they let you do. The items are listed alphabetically in order of the best time to purchase these items.

Shao Kahn’s Hammer

Shao Kahn’s Hammer is hard to miss as it’s directly to your left when you into the Krypt. Hammers are what you’ll use to break down damaged doors and walls and you’ll see two of them within the same space. It’s essential to search for areas that are damaged when you move on, since you’ll find a lot of rooms that are stuffed with treasure.

It is also possible to use Shao Kahn’s Hammer to take out pots and skeletons scattered around the Krypt. It will reward you with tiny amounts of Koins but it’s insignificant that it’ll have no effect on the number of chests you are able to open.

Gem of the Living and Cracked Horn of the Motaro

It is the Gem of the Living is an item that you must have to get to the Krypt and to enter Goro’s Lair where you can find some of the finest treasure within the game. In the outdoor area, go towards the center, then north until you come across the area that has statues of various characters. Moving forward and the meteorite is going to smash on the Raiden statue. Hit the meteorite using your Hammer to obtain an item called the Gem of the Living.

The Cracked Horn of the Motaro is required to advance further into the Krypt and it can only be obtained once you have already obtained the Gem of the Living. Make use of this Gem of the Living to unlock a door in the Kronika’s Time Vault — and proceed into the underground zone. The horn is located hidden behind an unlocked gate inside. After you’ve found the horn, go towards Goro’s Lair door on the western side of the outdoor space and you’ll be able to enter.

Ermac’s Soul Amulet

This is the key item that you require to open the pesky green-colored Soul Chests you’ve seen throughout the Krypt. Once you’ve entered into Goro’s Lair until you come to a huge hall that features an entrance with a statue as well as a feasting zone. Move forward, walk across the outside via the steps, and at the top of the right-hand corner there’s a chain that you can pull to unlock an entrance. Follow this process until you’re presented with the cut-scene of the man being impaled and then locate him within the room. Ermac is wearing his Soul Amulet which you can now open the chests.

The Ermac’s Soul Amulet is also used to open up new avenues. It is used for the first time to leave the area you discovered the amulet inside, which has been flooded by rocks.

Spear of Hanzo Hasahi (Scorpion’s Spear)

Scorpion’s Spear can be located inside Goro’s Lair however, this time you’ll need head over towards the Armory area located on the southeast end. Once you’ve arrived at this location look around until you come across the flaming vertical line through the pilaster. Engage with it to pull the spear to make it.

When you’ve acquired Scorpion’s Spear, you are able to make use of it in conjunction with specific objects in the environment, such as drawbridges. The principal function of the spear is to slack the bodies that are hanging over your location. They are destroyed and typically contain hearts , which you’ll need to unlock the Krypt’s precious chests.

The Forge

Sometimes, you’ll come across items while opening chests that aren’t intended for customization or opening up new routes These are referred to as „Forge Items“ and they are found in their individual pages within the Krypt menu. In the initial time in the Krypt they’ll be ineffective however, you’ll eventually come across a gong which you can strike with a hammer to allow access to the Forge It’s a terrifying space with flames in the background however, when you feed it the items that you’ve collected, you’ll be able to earn rewards.

The rewards you receive depend on the combination of the items you add However, you may also receive absolutely nothingfrom the Forge when you use the wrong mix. If you put three items into the forge, and it doesn’t bring you an award, don’t try it again because the same thing will happen each time.

The Forge require the materials needed to create any item It also requires money to operate. This could take shape in the form Koins, Soul Fragments, and Hearts Make sure that the combination you choose will result in something worth your while before you put your items into the Forge.