Coinbase to launch Visa card in the United States

Coinbase will allow US customers to use their Visa card to make purchases from next year onwards

The exchange of Coinbase cryptomorphs will launch its Visa debit card in the United States next year. The company announced yesterday that customers can join the waiting list for the Coinbase card.

According to the cryptomorphosis exchange, the Visa debit card will be issued to customers. This would allow them to use cryptomoeda for payments and purchases online and in shops and ATM cash withdrawals. The Coinbase card is another opportunity for Crypto Bank Coinbase users to earn 4% back in crypto rewards.

This is not the first time Coinbase has launched its debit card. The company launched its debit card for UK and European customers in April 2019. At the time the San Francisco based company revealed that customers could spend their Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and other crypto cards without problems. Today, the Coinbase card is available to customers in almost 30 countries in Europe and the UK.

Although customers use cryptomime for shopping, Coinbase converts currencies into fiduciary currencies instantly. Consequently, it allows fast transactions. In this latest development, Coinbase card holders can use cryptomime anywhere in the world where Visa cards are accepted.

The Coinbase card has several benefits
According to the blog post, „Coinbase card holders can spend directly from their Coinbase accounts without having to move funds to their bank accounts. Cryptomoeda is converted into U.S. dollars before completing purchases and ATM withdrawals“.

Using cryptomoeda through daily spending can help a user gain rewards from changing cryptomoeda. When the card is released in the United States, customers can choose to win 4% back at Stellar Lumens or 1% back at Bitcoin.

Customers can also manage their spending and reward preferences through the Coinbase application. „Customers can choose to spend stablecoins such as USD Coin or other specific cryptomaps at the touch of a button,“ Coinbase added.

Coinbase is launching its Visa card in the United States a few days after PayPal announced its entry into the cryptomeda scenario. PayPal will be a tough competition for companies like Coinbase, Square and other cryptomeda entities around the world. The payments giant has begun to expand its crypto services with the recent acquisition of BitGo.