User gives up buying Bitcoin because of neutral pronoun

„Hello, be Well Vindx!“

This was the sentence that a user read in his e-mail to confirm the registration at the largest Bitcoin brokerage house in Latin America, the Bitcoin Market.

After reading the email, the user gave up using the platform to buy Bitcoin Loophole review and ended up opting for another. The post was made in a Facebook group with 33 thousand members. The text ended up viralizing and already has 193 likes and 149 comments.

„Someone has already given up buying bitcoin for the bitcoin market because of this ‚x‘? seal,“ posted the user in the Facebook group.

The use of neutral pronouns is becoming a trend in large companies, the goal is to promote diversity. Some people don’t fit into the male or female categories perfectly, and „these constant references to binary groupings are alienating,“ say the groups looking for ways to bring neutrality into the Portuguese language in order to increase representativeness.

There are also those who disagree with the use of gender neutrality in Portuguese, for this group, „it’s all just an attempt to ’seal off‘ and push down a progressive agenda.

This last case was most seen in the comments of the group that discussed the brokerage house’s action.

The subject is the subject of debate in several political groups and has recently been widely resonated after a traditional school in Rio de Janeiro adopted the neutral pronoun.

As is common in this type of situation, the comments were divided, with some dissatisfied with the action (left of the image) and others agreeing (right of the image).

It is worth remembering that the cryptomaniac community is usually faithful to the libertarian movements and the belief in freedom of expression.
Comments about Bitcoin Market

The use of „Bem Vindx“ by the brokerage house has already been used for at least 5 months, but it has only now gained repercussion.

Despite the company’s criticism, the final goal of the Bitcoin Market seems much simpler than a simple „seal“. The brokerage shows commitment to respect diversity.

Of course there is the contradictory thinking, after all, ignoring habits that we develop as a society is difficult and it will take some time before we start seeing a real change.

The Bitcoin Market was looked for to comment the case, this text will be updated.